Social Good Projects:


Project Get Reel®, Red Propeller Inc.

Red Propeller Inc. initiated by GenesisXD, employs individuals with barriers to employment to tackle unresolved environmental issues. This double-edged strategy helps our community members while we work toward reducing plastic waste in the landfills. 

Red Propeller is a recipient of the Employer of the Year award by Ontario Job Opportunity Information Network 2016

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"Until now, there's been no way to recycle VHS tapes in Ontario and they inevitably end up in landfills. But a new program called Project Get Reel is giving people an environmentally safe way to dispose of tapes while providing employment to people who may face barriers to securing a job."

- Kate Adach, CBC Toronto


KLINK Coffee

GenesisXD co-created KLINK Coffee to facilitate the reintegration of former prisoners into the community by providing job skills training and placement services, selling gourmet coffee to offices and homes. Our partner, St. Leonard’s is a charity that operates halfway houses for individuals coming out of prison. Through marketing communications, website design and social media, the brand communicates the positive transformation facilitated by this proactive social enterprise.



"KLINK’s design is modern, attractive, and conveys a visual strategy that supports the aims of the client. The imagery re-contextualizes the negative associations with prisoners and reclaims them as a symbol of empowerment. Overall, a very successful project.”  

– 2014 Social Good Design Awards

Watch the story of KLINK Coffee produced by
the Correctional Service of Canada, 2014