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Graham Lewis
Social Innovation Chief

GenesisXD in Toronto now represents “Coupons For Hunger”,
a London, Ontario-based Social Enterprise

TORONTO, Ontario, July 22, 2015 – GenesisGood, a social arm of GenesisXD, announced today its exclusive representation of Coupons For Hunger from London, Ontario, for matters regarding the overall brand and business development. 

Coupons For Hunger / GenesisXD team From left to right: Amy Cheung, Colleen Lindemann, Tonia Richardson, Philip Yan, Graham Lewis

Coupons For Hunger / GenesisXD team
From left to right:
Amy Cheung, Colleen Lindemann, Tonia Richardson, Philip Yan, Graham Lewis

Colleen Lindemann and Tonia Richardson, founders of Coupons For Hunger, initiated a social purpose business in 2011 — by rallying volunteers to collect and redeem coupons for food items and merchandise, then donate them to Food Bank and various other charities.

Coupons For Hunger surpasses the “extreme couponing” stereotype — Colleen and Tonia are raising awareness by leveraging the benefits of coupons and motivating locals and organisations to participate in their innovative social mission to make their community a better place. 

Redeeming food and merchandise for financially challenged households, Colleen and Tonia create programs and workshops to reduce the number of hungry people with fresh food, spreading awareness and stimulating employees in local businesses.

“What differentiates Colleen and Tonia from other couponing experts is their passion for social mission. I love their vision and I see bigger impacts they can bring to the society. Coupons For Hunger’s value is in line with the value of GenesisXD’s social innovation,” says Philip Yan, Chief Experience Designer of GenesisXD.

Coupons For Hunger has become a well-recognized social purpose mission in London and has garnered partnerships with local community networks. It is time for Coupons For Hunger to leap forward by expanding their business and broadening their social impact. 

“We are grateful for the overwhelming support from our community and partners across London and surrounding areas. Having the ability to share our knowledge and skills and strategically aligning ourselves with GenesisXD just makes sense. Partnering with GenesisXD will provide the vehicle and the capability to broaden our reach and impact. We are excited to break new grounds, explore new horizons and take this to the next level while maintaining our hometown connections,” affirms Colleen and Tonia.

Today’s release means GenesisXD will brand Coupons For Hunger with a new identity, serving as their agent to represent them worldwide for the services of developing, negotiating, and managing various marketing and merchandising activities, including but not limited to product endorsements, licensing opportunities and appearances in person, in advertisements and in promotional campaigns in all media channels including TV, radio, print and digital.

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GenesisGood, a social arm of GeneseisXD, specializes in consulting organisations on social innovation and branding for social missions. Latest projects, including A-Way Express (courier service fulfilled by mental health survivors, for online brand presence), Furniture Bank (visual branding for their truck fleet), and Project Get Reel™ (to recycle VHS tapes by hiring persons with a barrier to employment), are social enterprises created to tackle environmental and social challenges.

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GenesisXD is a Toronto-based brand and marketing communications firm with a focus on experience design. GenesisXD’s expertise is on storytelling through integrated media. It’s about connecting the dots to influence change. (

Taking Coupons For Hunger to new grounds, GenesisXD is honoured to be in partnership with the following organizations:

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