As with everything in business, communication is key. It's important to approach the holidays with a clear understanding of how to navigate this month's festivities. Using Briggs-Meyer research, GenesisXD found personalities that are common in downtown Toronto offices. Find out which personality best represents you and then check out our customized tips to survive corporate Christmas. 


The Mastermind

You should not be surprised to find this personality type reading, admiring local art, or taking a cooking class. Masterminds are goal-oriented and curious. They are methodical and enjoy solving puzzles, which means many of them become successful economists or software developers. 

The Commander

Commanders are ambitious, critical and honest. They enjoy hard work, success and making sure things get done properly. You’ll often find they excel at competitive sports. This personality often manifests in executives, lawyers, management professionals and venture capitalists.

The Visionary 

Friendly and resourceful, visionaries are inspiring people to have in the office. They are headstrong, independent and open-minded. They see big picture ideas and often enjoy coming up with unconventional solutions. They're easy to share a lunch break with. Often you’ll find they become entrepreneurs, creative directors, real estate developers or marketing directors. 

The Inspector

Inspectors are logical and serious. They value predictability, details, rules and a good game of chess. Possibly the most introverted of the four types, these individuals can be found quietly inspecting and assessing situations. They make for outstanding workers and often become accountants or CEOs.