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There’s Vibrancy in White


There’s Vibrancy in White

For a number of years our design team would create a special design project to celebrate Christmas. One particular project that resonates with me deeply was our creating a primarily white notebook – Reminsce*

To many, the Christmas season is celebratory. Not so to people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, for they gradually lose the ability to remember and engage with their surroundings. We had a notion that memory of people with dementia is like a sheet of white paper because of the seemingly blandness in their expression and disengagement.

GenesisXD decided to partner with Alzheimer Society of Toronto for better understanding of the condition and to demystify some misunderstanding through the notebook design.

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
— Oscar Wilde

We learned that memory is like a pile of paper. The more paper means more memory. People with Alzheimer’s are likened having the top sheets (the index pages) of their piled up paper removed. The memory is still there, only they lost the ability to access it. They will respond to certain stimulation that may elicit deeply treasured experience.

After gaining some insight on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, GenesisXD decided to design a white notebook filled with obscure vibrant colours. The vibrant colours, representing a patient’s lived experiences, are revealed from below the surface. How can we achieve this effect in design?

We use florescent inks to print on white translucent paper our hand drawn colourful shapes that depict dynamism. Patterns of such are obscured inside the wraparound French folded text pages. Using a minimalistic design approach, we blind embossed the title Reminsce on the white cover, and fasten the pages with two simple gold eyelets, for a clean and classy book design.

In this joyous season, we remember peace on earth, including those with Alzheimer’s or different types of dementia, and their loving caretakers. 

Happy Holidays!

P.S. We offer 10 copies of this vibrant white notebook to the first 10 people who show interest. Click here and let us know your address so that we send one to you. 

Reminisce Book next to a hand

*This notebook is also part of a campaign that included 24 Christmas Stories and other social shares of GenesisXD.  Click below for our stories.