With digital platforms emerging as the latest marketing trend, many businesses are looking into investing into reaching their customers with digital technology. This is necessary because customers today are completely evolved in the ways they absorb information and how they interact with businesses. 

The influence of digital devices on how customers make buy-in decisions nowadays is setting higher goals for marketers in terms of how they provide simple, well-designed and well-thought-out messages to their audiences.  There is a huge potential in the digital world for marketers to tap into.

According to research by Deloitte[1], digital across all platforms – desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones – is influencing 36% of over $3 trillion being spent at in-store retail sales. It is clear that today, people are putting their digital gear to use when they are researching and making transaction decisions. The customer’s digital behaviours and expectations must be addressed.

When we employ digital marketing, we have to be familiar with two categories of mobile devices:

Mobile Phones

Customers using mobile phones are interacting with the content in highly contextualized environments. Apps that are most used on mobile phones are largely functional (e.g., Google MapsGmailWhatsApp, etc.). Users reference to these apps when they are on the go and are looking for specific information. Since phones are their go-to devices when they need answers to specific questions, smooth interactions with mobile content become crucial experiences of their decision-making journeys in purchasing.

Tablets & iPads

Mobile devices in tablet forms provide more immersive experiences where users tend to engage in tablet apps in their personal and relaxing moments. With tablet apps users tend to notice more fine-tune details and spend more time on exploring the apps. Tablets can tap into users’ “I will get back to this later” decisions. Being thin, light and portable, users can enjoy their tablets anywhere. With larger dimensions, the visuals for tablet apps also have to be richer, more vivid and more inviting.

Point taken:

Understanding the impact of digital on customers’ decision journey could greatly influence marketers’ goals in producing sophisticated, convenient and enjoyable mobile digital content.

 [1]{C} Deloitte LLP. The New Digital Divide – Retailers, Shoppers and the Digital Influence Factor. (2014)

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