Day 24 - The Season is about Looking Back, and Looking Ahead

My Bubbie (grandmother) loved people and she loved to talk - this is something that is clear even now, on days when she has more energy - you can see her chatting away with the personal support workers or other residents at her long-term care home.

Although my Bubbie, who has Lewy Body dementia is no longer truly able to celebrate the holidays, I enjoy reminiscing about times when she used to host holiday dinners at her house. Gatherings at her house used to be full of people- cousins, family friends, parents, etc. For Chanukkah, the table would be full of people and full of food. My twin sister and I enjoyed exploring our grandparent’s two-storey apartment and playing hide-and-seek while the older members of our family took part in the holiday rituals and prayers. I remember that the house was always full of laughter as we crawled around their legs or hid behind their chairs.

Picture of day 24

Being the mischievous and curious children that we were, we would touch everything we could during our games. My two strongest memories were leaving my grandmother’s house through the foyer feeling pleased about my new Power Rangers doll, and playing with one of those old-fashioned memory boxes with a ballerina perched upon it. These are things that I will never forget, especially now that our holiday dinners have dwindled to just our small immediate family and my Bubbie can no longer attend.

However, I expect to have even stronger holiday memories to tell in the future years to come, since my older sister is expecting a baby on Christmas Eve, my parent’s first grandchild. I am looking forward to our holiday dinners growing once again as more people are joining our family, and I am excited to watch my little niece play during our holiday meals, just like how my sister and I used to.

- Beverly Herscovitch, Marketing and Communications Associate at the Alzheimer Society of Toronto

Precious memories are worth celebrating. Let us not forget those with Alzheimer's or other dementias who suffer from a loss of memory. For more information, visit the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

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