Day 21 - Marvelling At The Present of Life

“My dear son, look! It’s snowing cotton balls outside! Splendid isn’t it? Shall we bundle up and go out to celebrate Christmas?”

“YES mama! I wanna touch snow!”

“Of course, son, would you like to catch it too?” 

Amidst a marriage breakdown with no family support, my connectedness with my 3-year-old son became the most caramel-sweet Christmas present I could savour in my new journey titled 'Single Mom-in-training'. No dress-up dinner – my 3-year old son and I drove to a McDonalds that was opened late on Christmas Eve and New Year’s day. Without much of an appetite, I ordered a kid's Happy Meal for my child: His favourite grilled cheese sandwich, French fries, milk and a little toy. He ate contently while engaging a joy-filled conversation with me in between bites. We were enchanted by the snow scene through the floor-to-ceiling window of McDonalds.

After my son finished his dinner, we took our time to stroll along the sidewalk. He looked up, smiling, and opened his tiny hands to catch the snowflakes sprinkling all over us. I still vividly remember that smile. That smile came from a place of life and hope.

That smile is etched permanently on my heart.

May this Christmas bring you life and hope – anew.

- Ivy Cheng, Vice President of Public Relations at Anchor Toastmasters

Precious memories are worth celebrating. Let us not forget those with Alzheimer's or other dementias who suffer from a loss of memory. For more information, visit the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

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