Day 17 - When Christmas was About Relationships, Not About Consumerism

Whenever I look back on Christmas when I was a child, I usually enlist the help of my five senses.

Our home, like many others, was full of decorations that my mom carefully curated, while my dad painted watercolour Christmas cards of Canadian and Filipino scenes to give to friends and family. The smell of chocolate chip cookies would permeate the house, the fragrance was too good to be put into words. I remember hearing and belting out many Christmas carols. Our whole family often spontaneously turned into a choir during this time of the year! Last but certainly not least, I hope to never forget the touch of my grandmother’s hand as she always stroked my face before giving me a big, warm embrace. I loved going to see her on Christmas Eve and listening to her priceless stories of the past. 

Christmas has always been a rich and beautiful experience for me, as my family celebrated the hope and love amongst us.

May these memories linger on and be renewed with each Christmas season.

- Jasiel Stewart, Regional Rep & Visuals/Media Worker at MoveIn

Precious memories are worth celebrating. Let us not forget those with Alzheimer's or other dementias who suffer from a loss of memory. For more information, visit the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

Is Christmas all about relationships to you? Let us know by commenting below!

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