Day 14 - Why Receiving Matching Pyjamas on Christmas was the Most Heartwarming Thing Ever

Growing up, the holidays were magical – mostly because they were spent with my grandparents and my extended family. 

My grandma and grandpa, to this day, are two of my most favourite people I have ever known.  Sadly, they have passed away – and both had dementia. 

There are many Christmases that I can remember with them, but one really stands out....

My grandparents lived on a parcel of land north of Kaladar – which is near Bon Echo Provincial Park.  On this land was an old log cabin, with only a wood stove for heat.  This particular holiday season I remember arriving at the log cabin, late at night after a long drive up from Guelph.  When we arrived my grandpa had lit the stove and the cabin was toasty warm.  We crawled into our beds, laden with handmade quilts and went off to sleep, in anticipation of Christmas morning. 

In the morning, the snow and crisp air were glorious.  We trekked up the hill to my grandparents home and opened our holiday gifts.  My grandma had given us all matching pyjamas – so all the grandchildren looked like little candy canes.  We were all so excited, as were my grandparents, in having the family together. 

When I think of that holiday, I can't help but feel a warm glow of family love. That is what my grandparents taught me through the years.

- Cathy Barrick, Chief Executive Officer of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto

Precious memories are worth celebrating. Let us not forget those with Alzheimer's or other dementias who suffer from a loss of memory. For more information, visit the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

What was your favorite Christmas gift ever? Let us know by commenting below!

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