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Do these headlines sound familiar? Do you click through?
How many times a day?
How many times have you been disappointed?

In the beginning of this practice of digital Web grabbing headings aka Clickbait, it worked. People clicked through to read and share the well of information the Internet provided and that is what these sites want you to do – they want traffic and traffic means revenue. Every site wants a piece of the click-n-share pie, which is why these teaser headlines have grown wildly popular. But with every site this practice, audiences will grow tired of this...we grow tired of everything.

Don't get me wrong, using attention-grabbing headlines is something I am not against; I work in marketing, I practice copywriting everyday. It is when the practice is so commonplace that audiences begin to ignore these headlines is when the problem ensues. Look at your Twitter and Facebook newsfeed – headline after headline, your mind spins and you want to rad them all but many articles fail to the hype of the headline.

Design by  Philip Yan  of  GenesisXD .

Design by Philip Yan of GenesisXD.

It is this discrepancy between headline and actual content that is creating the dissatisfaction, distrust and backlash. There are rumblings of this backlash beginning – The Onion has created ClickHole, a satire website making fun of digital teaser headlines. And Facebook announced in late 2014 a crackdown of Clickbait. Whether it will be effective remains is a question. Alison Gianotto, creator of the blog Snipe and technology manager at creative agency Noise, whose job is to monitor Facebook, says:

"I feel like we have to see a turning point. It's like an arms race. One country arms itself and the other arms itself a little better. As every article headline becomes this bombastic thing, we will grow blind to them."

It seems we are turning a blind eye to Clickbait.

Points Taken: The actual articles must be as intriguing as the headline teasers you are luring with. 

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