On April 9th, 2015 Project Get Reel kicked things off at Toronto's Learning Enrichment Foundation. Senator Art Eggleton, MP Mike Sullivan and many other guests joined to celebrate the soft launch of the social enterprise co-founded by GenesisXD creator, Philip Yan. 

Yan, as well as co-founders Graham Lewis, Amy Cheung and David Neilson approach Project Get Reel with a Triple Bottom Line: 

1) Create jobs for people with barriers to employment (which can include being new to Canada, lacking access to childcare or being a mental health survivor). 

2) Reduce landfill waste. There are over 2.26 billion VHS tapes in Ontario, even though the medium is obsolete. They're mostly recyclable, but most VHS tapes still end up in landfills because the recycling process needs to be done carefully by hand. So Project Get Reel came up with a solution: hiring people with employment barriers to help recycle VHS tapes. It's win-win: Environment. Employment.

3) Reinvest in social good. Fifty per cent of the money Project Get Reel earns will be reinvested into other social good initiatives. 

A big thank-you to Hon. Art Eggleton for sharing some words and to everyone who came out to support the project's soft launch! For more information on Project Get Reel you can head to www.projectgetreel.com


Want to learn more about Project Get Reel? Visit us on Facebook or at www.projectgetreel.com