Photo by  Boegh  from Flickr 

Photo by Boegh from Flickr 

When it comes to success in marketing and business, innovation is key. It is how brands establish themselves as leaders in the corporate world. The recipe for innovation involves three things:

1.     Creativity. You need to be able to think outside the box in order to achieve something that is truly innovative.

2.     Cause. It is important to be passionate about the problems you’re setting out to solve.

3.     Challenge. Challenge is the main ingredient for turning creativity into innovation. Challenge drives creative people to think of unique solutions to problems.  Because of this, the obstacles we face are what mobilize innovative work.

In Bruce Mau's "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth" he says “avoid fields, jump fences.” Innovation can only be born from overcoming obstacles, so we should seek out problems to solve instead of taking the easy route. Take for example Project Get Reel, GenesisXD’s social enterprise. With Project Get Reel we tackle two problems: The first is landfill waste, and the second is unemployment.

Seeking to overcome both issues led us beyond creativity. The obstacles helped us form an innovative, dynamic solution. Project Get Reel employs people with barriers to employment by hiring them to work on an important environmental initiative: sorting and dismantling VHS tapes. We came up with this solution by looking hard at environmental and employment challenges, and figuring out a win-win initiative. 

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