Photo by  Ryan Ozawa  from  Flickr 

Photo by Ryan Ozawa from Flickr 

The Apple Watch is here and as the device establishes presence here in Canada, marketers should be getting ready to leverage the new medium. 

The Watch calls for marketing solutions completely different from any other mobile platform. The device is small, it has no camera and it has no keyboard. That means marketing innovation is crucial in order to optimize the Watch's unique tactile functions and drive consumer engagement. Also because of its specs some experts say the watch can be used as a "companion" to the iPhone. For marketers that means seamless cross-platform content coordination. 

The new medium is also going to change social media marketing. Consider the watch an opportunity for marketers to reform their social media promotions to fit with the abilities and specs of the watch. That means creating content that is tailored to the size and functions of the device.

Finally, iBeacons will make in-store marketing ubiquitous. Marketers will be able to literally tap consumers when they enter shopping centres, city centres or even grocery stores. However, this feature could receive less-than-positive response from consumers (meaning people might get annoyed). It's important that marketers find the line between "push" and "pull" in order to create a positive experience for their target audience.

Overall, the Apple Watch is a medium unlike any other. It will take creativity and innovation on the part of marketers to tap into this potentially lucrative resource. 

Point Taken: The Apple Watch is going to shake things up. Marketers should be ready to offer innovative marketing solutions that enhance, not stifle, user experience.