Photo by  University of Exeter  from Flickr 

Photo by University of Exeter from Flickr 

The following is a first-person narrative by our social media specialist, Megan.

Six years ago on a cold February afternoon I came home from my Toronto high school to an envelope, addressed to me, sitting on my kitchen table. It was an acceptance letter to the university I wanted to attend in the fall. The school is large, a short drive away from big ski hills and right on the west coast. It's filled with “cool kids” in plaid shirts and there is a beach across the street from campus. So of course, I was smitten. I accepted the school's admission offer immediately.

University brochures and websites featured stunning images of B.C. landscape and happy faces of kids that looked just like me. In September I moved into the school's first-year residence, quickly made friends, got good grades and went to parties. I did all the things you’re supposed to do in first year, but I was not happy. Alluring as it had been from afar, my university was not the right fit. 

When February came around again I used my reading week to visit friends in Halifax. While I was there I toured a small liberal arts school with a vibrant community. Immediately I felt at home. I applied, was accepted, and moved to Halifax in autumn.

Why did I choose the wrong school at first? If the small liberal arts school where I finished my degree had marketing material that helped me understand its student experience, perhaps I would have picked it from the beginning. This is a perfect example of how important it is to jump into a university's culture before making the decision to attend. University students need to feel the texture of life on campus in order to get an accurate picture of the school. 

Point Taken:

Choosing a post-secondary school is tough for students. Marketers need to have a clear message about what type of experience their schools offer in order to help students pick the right university the first time around .

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