Photo by  Matthias Ripp  from Flickr

Photo by Matthias Ripp from Flickr

In Canada, university enrolment is declining. How can post-secondary institutions use marketing and branding tactics to bump up the number of individuals applying to their schools?

Baby boomers’ kids are finishing university and as a result, university enrolment in Ontario is declining rapidly. To be precise, there were 2.9 per cent fewer students entering university in 2014. This is a crucial shift. When university enrolment was higher, universities and colleges had their picks of top students, because there were plenty of top students to pick from. Now,  universities are finding themselves striving to catch the eyes of a much smaller group of prospectives. So the question is…how do post-secondary institutions use marketing and branding to bump up the number of individuals applying to their schools and presumably stay afloat amid this enrolment dip?

1.     Understand your audience

Now more than ever it’s crucial to understand the audience you’re working with. And this audience is different than the audience you were talking to five years ago. You need to adapt your content in a way that appeals to today’s high school graduates. They are a socially-conscious, headstrong group of young adults who are increasingly attuned to the world around them.

2. Reach them on their platforms

This is the plain truth: kids today don’t read brochures. If you want them to pay attention to all the great things your post-secondary institution offers, you need to reach them on their own platforms. That means mobile platforms. Your websites need to be mobile-friendly. Consider creating an interactive app that takes users through your school's multifaceted experience.

3.     Show them the experience

Students today need to be engaged. It’s crucial to make sure your content has compelling multimedia elements and engaging copy in order to keep your audience enthusiastic the whole way through. That means use photos, video, infographics and any other creative solutions to ensure readers remain interested from start to finish.


Point Taken:

These are the three most important keys to catching the eyes of prospective students. Remember to stay creative and develop an outstanding narrative that shows what makes your university unique. 

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