January is a month for setting goals. In business, corporate leaders re-work old strategies and create new professional plans during this month. To make effective, lasting change at your corporation, it's important to reflect on current business practices. What needs improvement? Who are your key players? Answering these questions will help you determine the adjustments you need to make and the goals you need to set for the New Year.  

1.     Evaluate the challenges you faced

What were some of the major challenges that your business grappled with in 2014? It’s important to pinpoint professional obstacles and review how your company approached them. Ask yourself: What can be done differently next time? Change will only be effective if you’re changing the aspects of your business that actually need to be modified.

2.     Determine what's already working 

Just as important as evaluating obstacles is looking at what's already working. Undoubtedly there are some practices in your company that are tried and true, and you should keep those practices around. Figuring out what your company is doing right will give you a foundation on which you can re-work areas that need improvement. 

3.     Identify important relationships

Who were the most influential people for your business last year? This is crucial to your New Year reflection. The people that helped you achieve your goals last year are people you want to keep around in the coming year. It's also important to acknowledge these individuals personally. Gratitude goes a long way and if you express thanks, your key connections are more likely to help you out again.

Point Taken:

The New Year is a time to re-configure your business. The first step to a successful rejuvenation is reflecting on the year that's passed. Make sure you have a well-rounded idea of what last year looked like and what next year will offer.

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