Having more than 150 million users and 16 billion photos shared, it is hard to ignore Instagram, a rapidly growing photo and video sharing platform. In a single day alone, over 55 million photos are shared on this social media site.

It is quickly become a marketer’s favorite because of its scope of audiences, possibilities of direct interactions and huge potential of customer growth.

Here are four ways to market on Instagram:


Unique Hashtags 

Hashtags are what allows for Instagram users to follow the latest trends on the site. To join the big community of visual storytellers, look out for trending hashtags (like #love#beautiful#selfie#summer, etc.) and incorporate those in your Instagram photos. Using relevant hashtags also allows for those who are interested in the topics you are Instagramming about to discover you.

GenesisXD created the hashtags #GenesisXDForms and #GenesisXDTones for our Instagram account @engagegxd. During 2013, we used #GenesisXDTones to Instagram photos of a certain colour each month, and in 2014, we are using #GenesisXDForms to share photos of a certain shape each month. Through these original branded hashtags, we not only built up followers, but also increased exposure on our company’s name and creativity.


Mention Other Users

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram allows for users to tag other users with the ‘@mention’ function. Tagging other people notifies them that your post is uploaded. When GenesisXD uploads photos of illustrators or designers in our circle, we tag their Instagram handles to let them know we shared a photo of them. Instagram’s profiles also include a ‘Photos of’ section that shows the user’s photos tagged by other users, so anyone looking at the profile could be linked to your photo that you tagged them in.


Add Videos

Instagram video was launched in early 2013, it is a great tool that could deliver a brand’s message in a concise 15 seconds. The key is to be brief but innovative and creative. It is an amazing platform that could be used to present products and designs in the simplest ways. The short length of the videos could emphasize on how the product is smart, fast and fun. Simply shoot the videos on your phone, use the convenientediting feature on Instagram and add filters to the video to make it attractive.

Connect to Facebook 

Instagram was bought by Facebook in April 2012, and since then, Instagram has earned the huge community of Facebook users as well. Instavideos are shown to have a better Facebook EdgeRank, meaning it appears on newsfeeds of users more often than the usual pictures. Tapping into the pool of potential in Facebook, GenesisXD linked our Instagram account with our Facebook page, earning double the likes with both accounts combined.

Point Taken:

Quality content marketing on Instagram involves engaging through hashtags, mentions, videos and linking up with Facebook.