We all know that social media is a great way to spread messages and make campaigns viral these days. With the immense power of the various online platforms, many nonprofits have jumped on the bandwagon to create value on their social accounts. Certainly, those that are passionate about making societal changes would find social media an exciting, low-cost new tool that could be managed to promote their causes.

If you were ever wondering how charities use social media to their benefit, we have compiled three great examples of non-profit organizations being gurus in this field:

1.     WATERisLIFE’s 


Nkaitole, a 4-year-old Maasai boy from Kenya has a bucket list. On it are the simplest things you could imagine, like seeing the ocean, getting his first kiss, flying on an airplane and so on. Clean-water organization WATERisLIFE created a viral video campaign called the #FirstWorldProblems campaign that gathers tweets with the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems, then contrasts it with the dire living conditions of third-world territories. Using a hashtag and well-filmed YouTube videos creates a comprehensive social media campaign where viewers could share this video on various different platforms. The charity could also track viewer’s comments by simply checking the conversations going on with the Twitter hashtag.

2.     It Gets Better Project’s Video Campaign

The It Gets Better Project strives to spread positivity for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and others who are bullied at school. They call for people to create YouTube videos to inspire hope for young people facing harassment in response to a number of students committing suicide after being bullied at school.  This campaign became widely covered by different media sources because it inspired very personal ways for supporters all over the world to tell LGBT youth that life gets better. It also rallied celebrities, politicians and famous personalities to make videos that change lives. Their success was due to the ever incoming submissions for videos: they created a momentum for participation of anyone who wished to support the campaign.

3.     The Human Rights Campaign’s Logo Campaign


Human Rights Campaign (HRC), an advocacy group that promotes gay and lesbian causes released a red-and-pink logo with an equal sign in March 2013 to urge supporters of same-sex marriage to use it in place of their profile pictures on social networks. It became an instant hit. The logo took over Facebook’s newsfeed and caught people’s attention to the issue that the logo represented. Within the first 24 hours after its release, the logo had been reposted 10,000 times and had attracted 10 million page views. Moreover supporters customized the image to represent their own personalities. The success of the HRC was largely due to their boldness in using a new visible tool to call for support.


Lesson learned:

Use social media for social good: Be relevant; Invite participation; Flaunt visible involvement.