Ever since stepping down as Microsoft's chairman in February 2014, the world’s richest man is spending the rest of his life in philanthropy.

For the past five years, Bill and Melinda Gates have published an annual letter with their global philanthropic goals. The Gates Foundation, co-operated by the couple, is key in several charity missions, one being polio eradication, where the Foundation doubles what the U.S. government provides in spending on the issue.

Here are three reasons why the Gates Foundation will make it bigger than Windows this year:

1.     Social Media

Bill Gates officially became the coolest rich man on the Internet when he showed how social-media-savvy he was by interacting with the Internet community through the latest hit social platforms such as Reddit and BuzzFeed.

He has been on Reddit Q&A for two years already, and has answered questions from technology to how to lose a chess match in less than 90 seconds.

The BuzzFeed article he and his wife co-curated complete with animated gifs, called ‘9 Reasons The World Is Better Than Ever, According to Bill and Melinda Gates’ went viral right away.

2.     Optimism

The counter-negativity the Gates Foundation provides is alluring and attractive.

“The change since I was born to now is very dramatic,” he said.

Predicting that there will be almost no more poor countries by 2035, the belief that the ‘developing world’ could become extinct is a very intriguing and weirdly believable goal because it came from Bill Gates. By 2035, Gates will be 80 years old. “It’s easier to think about years where you expect to be around,” he said. Indeed, he and Melinda have planned for the Foundation to deploy all its resources on their stated goals within 20 years of their passing.

3.     Working with His Wife

There is nothing more endearing when a couple works on social justice issues together.

Along with Bill, Melinda Gates shapes and approves the foundation’s strategies, reviews results and sets the overall direction of the organization.

Their public appearances together boost the public’s trust in their advocacy for the foundation’s issues, not only because they are knowledgeable, but also because their strong partnership reflects their beliefs in family values and the empowerment of women, to name a few.


Lessons learned:

Bill Gates succeeds both in technology and in philanthropy because of his social-media-savvyness, positivity and resourcefulness.

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