HashtagXD seeks to recommend great apps when we stumble across them. This week we would like to introduce to you Soulver, a calculator app so awesome that even our designers love to use.

Soulver’s interface looks like a simple sheet of notepad paper. When you type in math equations, the answer appears instantly, without having to press an equals button. In case a mistake is made, simply delete the parts where you want to omit, you do not need to wipe out everything that has been written down.

This way, we can edit numbers, test out different scenarios and compare the results. Moreover, we can give meaning to the numbers and symbols by simply typing in descriptions (e.g. “Today lunch costed…”, “Last year I paid for utilities for …”). This gives context to calculations and we can make sense of all the numbers that are piled up.

Another great function is that Soulver has built-in up-to-date currency conversion rates, hence we could simply add a stock’s symbol on the page, when the stock’s value changes, the app automatically updates it. Other standard conversions such as distance, time, weight and cooking units are built in as well.

For students, programmers and engineers, the complicated functions they would need on a calculator are provided in Soulver. To save calculations, it is easy to simply click ‘Save’. There is also an option to export the document into PDF.

Ultimately, we love how Soulver distributes equations and handles information speedily, while also having a screen design that is simplistic and versatile.


Lesson learned:

Great apps today need to be quick, simple and multi-functional.