Great experience Design always involves the immersion of the audience.  It puts people first.

Here are our top three ways to ‘hack experience’:

1. Humanize

Always, always, put the person who would be using your product or service first. Imagine how their emotions, thoughts, physical actions would be affected by the campaign or item that you have created and through that try to cultivate meaning for the end-user. Take into consideration the participant’s environment, distractions and context with empathy. Focus on the key practical and emotional needs of your target audience.

2. Localize

There is a technical term called ‘geographic segmentation’, which refers to the division of the market into different geographical units. We have to capitalize on the geographical differences in needs and wants to capture the attention of consumers in different areas.

One good example is that of a consumer products company who shipped additional cases of its low-calorie snack foods to stores in neighborhoods near Weight Watchers clinics. Kraft came up with Post’s Fiesta Fruity Pebbles Cerealfor areas with a lot of Hispanics. You can also use both print and digital media to reach your audience varying in age, gender and income. Remember that the choice of brands and products communicates the user’s identity, affiliation and personality today.

3. Specialize

A lot of companies wonder why their profits are decreasing or why they have not been able to achieve a breakthrough in sales over the years. This is because the market is saturated and there are too many similar products. Do some research on product users, simplify communication and feedback channels to make it easier to obtain data about consumer experience. Then create more relevant offers and make your product A LOT different from your competitors’.

Lesson learned:

To create captivating user experience and loyal brand affinity: humanize, localize and specialize.