In our process of rebranding GenesisXD as an experience design firm, we redesigned our stationery for an engaging experience. We printed our business cards on a UV press with debossing to create a letterpress effect.

In an environment where smartphones are rampant, we also found it essential to digitally store contact information found on a business card and transmit it directly to your mobile device.

QR codes are printed and ready to be scanned to reveal a mobile-only contact page, complete with an email address and social media links to LinkedIn and Twitter

Most of this information is not recorded on the card. Imagine the time saved if the recipient could request to connect on LinkedIn and follow on Twitter right away.

To enhance versatility and save costs, we came up with a label system that consists of adhesive strips on our cards that contain all the contact information for the cardbearer, hence to create a new card, we simply need to print new labels. The same applies to the entire stationery set of letterheads and envelopes. 

Convenience and experience design is embodied in a small rectangular card. Unisource Canada has chosen this stationary set as the 2013 Design and Print Excellence Award for Brand Identity.

This is design that flaunts multiple touchpoints, unique design thinking and quality production altogether.


Lesson learned:

GenesisXD’s agile, adaptable stationery set combined print and digital worlds through great design and people-focused thinking.