Photo by   R:W:   from Flickr 

Photo by R:W: from Flickr 

Ah technology, it makes life so easy. There are checklists, scholarly articles and infographics online to walk us through steps for creating successful content. Website analytics are more accessible and user-friendly than ever, and social media lets us dish out all the content we whip up with the speed and reach of the Philae lander. 

But specialist Karen McGrane says some companies are still flunking on content-based platforms. Why?

Photo by   See-ming Lee   from Flickr. Sculpture by Michael Mandiberg. 

Photo by See-ming Lee from Flickr. Sculpture by Michael Mandiberg. 

The problem: 

Technology is skyrocketing, but some content creators aren't jumping on board. They're instead publishing content with traditional platforms in mind (usually web or print) and ignoring the unique layout, design and experience of newer platforms like tablets and smartphones. It makes for, among other things, some pretty shoddy looking mobile layouts.

Let's put it this way: When you access the mobile version of your favourite magazine, you’re seeking an experience that’s different  from the print experience: one that's fluid, interactive and visual. Yet McGrane says many content creators are still stuffing the print version of their publications onto 5-inch screens. How do you re-work your content in a way that a) doesn't interrupt workflow and b) can be used on all platforms. 

The solution: 

McGrane cites the successes of publications like NPR, which uses the acronym COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere.

She argues we should be creating content that can be easily adapted to all platforms. “You can create semantically rich chunks of content that can then be moved to different platforms.”

Writing in chunks means creating content that can easily be cut up to fit the needs of different platforms—using different headers, lists, text, and graphics to suit the medium your article is being viewed on. This strategy will salvage your smooth workflow without having to drastically re-work writing for different platforms. 

Point Taken:

It's important for marketers to write content that can adapt to different platforms. This will help sustain a productive workflow and ensure an enjoyable experience for readers. 

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