For those who have not heard about digital publishing technology before, it is a new method of publishing to create a completely different interactive experience for mobile users. Today, there are many sophisticated methods to combine text with video, audio, animation and other interactive elements to create web or mobile experiences that help bring marketing messages to life.


The benefits to using digital publishing technology are many; here are a few ones that stand out the most:

Built-In Analytics

Apps built with digital publishing technology offer options of built-in analytics that lets the publisher see what, when and how users respond to the content. Measurements of data from mobile apps can help consolidate a business’s understanding of a consumer’s decision journey and track their activity while browsing online or even offline. This allows marketers to formulate and update the content, layout and approach of the app with the knowledge of how people like to use the app and how they find solutions to their problems.

As new versions are designed with more data on consumers’ activities, content can be organized according to how customers are most likely to search for it. This is a feature within digital publishing technology that could aid publishers to create more intuitive content.

Multiple Publishing Channels

In this digital age, content can be pushed onto multiple channels – smartphones, tablets and the Internet – at phenomenal speed. The technology is so streamlined that even coding skills are not necessary when creating on digital publishing templates. The apps created can also be updated easily on an ongoing basis with a Content Management System (CMS) engine. Integration between content authoring and management engines will ensure a smoother workflow and an increased ease of component reusability.

With the apps being used on smartphones and tablets, users can engage with the content whenever they want in a more personal way. Instead of feeling like their time and space is being intruded into, they choose to download apps that are useful and entertaining to them in their own time.

Intuitive Interactions

Instead of static articles or images, digital publishing technology allows for various interactive possibilities in marketing apps. Users can be guided to stroke, swipe, tap, or pinch content to discover the unique features of the app. Sounds, graphics, animations can be combined to present an innovative experience that keeps users captivated. Different features could also help users grasp slowly each component of a brand’s message: it motivates self-exploration and builds a more complete understanding of the information presented on the app. Building engaging apps not only entertains users, but also builds a friendlier brand character for your organization.


Point taken:

In-depth interactive content is made available on smartphones and tablets by the latest digital publishing technology – this is the future of marketing.


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