In Canadian bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell’s famous book ‘The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference’, he explained how mysterious sociological changes in life could be explained by a few agents of change, one being ‘The Stickiness Factor'.

What “The Stickiness Factor” means is that the specific content of a message makes it memorable. Gladwell listed children’s television programs such as Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues, who hire research teams to meticulously detect how children absorb information. The results showed that the educational content and entertainment value of these programs were exceptional amongst its competition.

As marketers, “The Stickiness Factor” becomes especially important to attract consumers who are loyal to the brand and become regular customers.

According to The Adobe Digital Index’s ‘Best of the Best Benchmark’[1] just published this year, we can have a glimpse of how marketers can increase the stickiness of their digital presence.

Smartphone Visits

According to Adobe’s research, the best media and entertainment sites are seeing strong usage of smartphones and are outperforming other industries such as travel, retail, financial services and technology by 9.4%. Smartphone users are used to searching on their mobile devices. Creating an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly smartphone experience is vital to gaining loyal customers.

Tablet Visits

Tablet users tend to be more financially well off and are among the most gadget-savvy consumers. Tablets are usually used at home instead of at the office. Tablet users use their devices during their downtime, hence they are looking for richer media experiences and they spend more money on retail and travel sites. The best retail sites that are tablet-optimized gain nearly 55% more tablet visits than the average. Tablet users are especially frustrated when they come across technologies or content that does not work on their devices.


[1]{C} Adobe Digital Index. “Best of the Best Benchmark” (2014)


Point taken: 

Stickiness in today’s digital world is defined by: “the right content on the right device created based on the right context in mind”.


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