Five Questions All Marketers Need Answered

Marketing relates to every aspect of a business – the branding, organizational structure, use of information technology, leadership, culture and human resources. The marketing process is in constant flux: marketers have to continually re-evaluate their strategies and plans to check if they are still working. Marketers have to juggle with various tasks:  dialoguing with customers; influencing non-marketing people in the company; reporting to the boss; measuring success by data and analytics. All of these processes require a clear answer as to why marketers do what they do.

In order for the marketer to really have a purpose to his/her job, these five questions have to be answered – in the right order:

1.     Who are you?

Knowing who you are is more than what you do or what your skills are, it involves understanding your professional role comprehensively. Are you part of a marketing team? A leader of the marketing department of your company? An independent branding strategist? A marketing copywriter? A videographer? A social media specialist? Understanding your professional identity and doing a little soul searching will help you be better positioned and prepared to tackle challenges and opportunities.

2.     What do you do?

As a marketer, there are key skills and talents that you must have developed that make you unique. Whether it is writing, videography, rallying support or collaborating with other companies, consider what makes a potential customer want to hire you. In order for a marketer to break through the clutter, you must consider what you have to offer that is unique amongst the crowd.


3.     Who do you do it for?

Successful marketers do their jobs with their prospects in mind always. They know who their target audience is and match their messages to the challenges their audience cares most about. They do not just try to catch the whole world’s attention, because they know they only have to stand out for the people they care about. They focus on developing messages that are so appealing or shocking to their audience that they have no choice but to respond.

4.     What do they want?

Usually a marketer centers the majority of his/her efforts around the company itself or the features and benefits of a specific product he/she is trying to sell. However, it is so important to create a “user narrative” where the product user’s day-to-day life is tracked. Successful companies like Twitter and Facebook create products with the main intention of filling users’ needs. Creating marketing material that is focused, effective and functional would fulfill the purpose of entertaining and enlightening people.

5.     How do they change as a result?

For marketers, this should be the ultimate question to ask. You need to know how a buyer’s decision-making process is affected, in what way an Internet user is entertained, or how the quality of life for a customer has improved. When you can answer how your target audience’s lives change as a result of your work, you can then align your strategic work to match the objective. Ultimately, it is improving people’s lives that give marketers fulfillment and determination to do their jobs well. This is the key question that when answered, gives you not only an elevator pitch, but also inspiration for innovation in your work.


Point Taken:

Know the four ‘W’s and one ‘H’ that every marketer has to answer: your marketing programs will be able to give more people happiness and insight.

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