Interconnectedness is another way of saying that customers have more say in what they want and how they want to be served. Previously locked doors of corporate firms have been opened up to outside opinions. Today, as marketers, we must understand how to build healthy customer relations, sustainable community policies and simple, straightforward communication styles.

A company’s culture permeates through its products. Marketers and analysts currently leverage high-performance digital publishing technology to create exceptional digital marketing experiences. With mobile apps, companies can easily convey their cultures and values of empathy, engagement and positivity. Well-designed apps become channels customers can use to research products, make purchases and resolve support issues.


Rise from the Crowd

When it comes to using digital publishing technology to create apps, we realize that there are a lot of media companies who are lacking in creating visually stimulating content. An app user should be provided with a unique, personalized and meaningful experience instead of simply being presented with a Portable Document Format (PDF) of the original print/web material.

Customize and Optimize 

Apps that are not optimized to tablet and mobile phone formats separately do not cut it anymore in marketing. Customers are being introduced daily to extremely interactive brand apps, hence to lead in your industry, there is no other choice than to optimize your digital marketing efforts. With the ability to create various interactive elements, including swiping, stroking, tapping, even moving the device itself, customers can gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s content and in turn lead to higher conversion rates due to higher customer confidence in the brand.

Be Playful

The key is to think about how, where and when the customer will use the app. Customizing the app and making it playful so that customers want to use it during their downtime is the key to making a successful marketing app. Using vertical videos for mobile, responsive animations, sound effects and captivating images are all ways to engage customers and make them come back to the app again and again.

Experiences on apps have to be consistent, relevant and personalized to the customer’s context, needs, wants and practices. The entire digital marketing experience should not be a two-dimensional reading piece, but a three-dimensional interactive piece that anticipates and adapts to customer expectations.


Point Taken: 

To succeed in digital marketing today, apps must be customized to when, where and how customers will use them.


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