For years, people in our office have volunteered for various causes personally. We as a team have also found meaningful social causes such as refugees or people living in poverty to support as a corporate entity. 

We were impressed with the non-profit organizations we maintained connections with over the years. However, we realized that there was one common characteristic these organizations shared: the leaders struggle with raising funds successfully through creating a coherent brand and managing their marketing and public connections. We feel that the demand of fundraising takes them away from their passions and hence, prevent them from giving their finest efforts towards creating social change for the cause they represent.

This problem occurs in both small and large non-profits. The small ones feel trapped by the demands of time and energy put into regular fundraising; and the large ones rely on a big team of professionals that accumulate a high operating cost.

We think we have finally found a great model.

GenesisXD created the brand KLINK Coffee. KLINK makes communities safer and families stronger by providing jobs and training for people returning home from prison. Additionally, it reduces costs for the government to fight recidivism (re-offences) and to re-engage ex-convicts into society. We also co-founded this social enterprise operation to raise social awareness and drive business results at the same time. We have delivered transformational changes to over 12 people returning home from prison since mid-2013.