Day 1 - I Cried for an Entire Day

I immigrated to Canada when I was about seven and I knew that Santa wasn't real. 

But I really wanted my parents to eat the cookies that I would put out every year for Christmas. 

One year, I got fed up. I threw a huge hissy fit because they wouldn't pretend to be Santa. I think I cried for that entire day, begging them to be Santa. 

It's amusing, because most kids would cry and be heartbroken that Santa isn't real, and I cried about my parents not playing pretend.

- Judy Kim, Designer at GenesisXD

GenesisXD is putting out a series '24 Days of Christmas' this season. 

We will be releasing one holiday memory and one illustration daily until Christmas Day. 

This series is dedicated to people with Alzheimer's or other dementias. To better understand the diagnoses and to show support, please visit the website of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto

What are your favourite holiday memories? Contribute to this series by commenting below.

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