Philip Yan  RGD
Chief Experience Designer

Philip Yan

GenesisXD founder Philip Yan is an award-winning design visionary who gets marketing, design and technology.

Philip’s strategic thinking and consultation has proven success in a number of turnkey initiatives. Examples are: redesigning and delivering the global catalogue of the world’s number 1 party plan company, PartyLite – in 13 languages to 16 countries, which resulted in additional 50% increase in demand; developing brand and marketing design for Schulich Executive Education Centre’s executive and international programs; internal brand campaign for a major bank, to name a few.

Being always forward-thinking, Philip’s deep industry knowledge spanning over 20 years of creative experience in brand marketing communications leads GenesisXD to advance forward – to creating experience-focused interactive mobile app, PrezApp™ – an innovative service to help clients present themselves to the forefront of mobile marketing.

Philip is also active on many social cause initiatives assisting not-for-profit organizations to define their marketing messages. He led the GenesisXD team to create the KLINK™ Coffee brand, a social enterprise to help former prisoners. The brand campaign even caught Correctional Service Canada’s attention and GenesisXD received an award from So(cial) Good Design Award.

Philip’s passion for doing social good propels him to found GenesisGood, a unique operation to help corporations develop social enterprise in alignment with their brand image.

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