HashtagXD is the blog of experience design firm GenesisXD

We specialize in digital communications and we believe that mobile apps could change the face of marketing. In this blog, we publish insightful content that informs and inspires our audience. We address complex challenges within the marketing world and constructively provide valuable information on the latest digital marketing trends.

Our three subsections:


All things marketing: Insights on branding, content strategy and successful buy-ins.



We care. Therefore we share about doing social good. A business with social conscience should live out its corporate responsibility.


We captivate and fascinate your imaginations with innovative design thinking. Sometimes we need to go back to the fundamentals of design.  


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HashtagXD is a hub for social trends. In it, GenesisXD builds on our experience in design, technology, and social good. We bring you exclusive marketing insights and tips on


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